Buyer's Market for Condominiums

According to the National Association of Realtors, the Clementi Condo marketplace that is booming is not any longer an edge for sellers. It's turned into a buyer's market throughout America amidst median costs and falling sales. By year end realtors have found the supply of present condos for sale rising by nearly two thirds and sales dropping by nearly 15 percent throughout the country. With investors making up about a third of condominium ownership, it's anticipated in 2013 that more condominiums will be put up for sale. According to the National Association of Home Builders, realtors can also anticipate an inflow of improving conversions of rental apartments to condos and new condo development during another two years, adding to the over-availability in the condominium markets.
Throughout the property bubble that was past, condos have appreciated in a quicker speed than single-family homes, particularly in high-cost metro markets with rapidly rising prices. Last year ending the national median price increased by almost 14 percent. Realtors just anticipate a rise of three-to-four percent in 2013, as compared to six percent for single-family homes. Now, the national median cost for a Clementi Condo is $226,900, as compared to a single-family home at $231, 500. This makes buying a condominium a lot more appealing, specially for young families and empty nesters. The realtor prognosis for condominium costs does vary by area.

 The Midwest is the best place with just a one percent sales fall a year ago and a third of a percentage fall in costs -- this is within the Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul marketplaces. Realtors would anticipate Midwestern cities that are smaller to be even better. Realtors in the western area of the U.S. found the largest hit in the condominium market. Sales there last year were down by 21 percent, and there was an 11 percent fall in costs. For August in the San Diego, Carlsbad and San Marcos region, the median condo price was $373,800, as compared to last year the August of 's cost of $387,100. Realtors found August sales fall by 3.4 percent, as compared to an increase of 5.5 percent last year at this time. [...]

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Things That Keep the Singapore Condo Rental Marketplace Steady

Most leading commercial property developers in singapore are predicting a mix of a slowly dwindling supply of rental home as well as steady job growth, will lead to making the city of Singapore one of the most powerful condo markets in the state this season.
This prediction is founded on a recent report examining condo marketplace and the flat, wherein 42 metropolitan areas were reviewed according to job growth, present building, affordability, their vacancy rates and rental tendencies. The report viewed Singapore is one of the most powerful condo markets and also have many new development projects including Hundred Palms Residences EC Job Growth, Low Vacancy Rates Lead To the Steady Condo Marketplace in Singapore The steady condo marketplace in a major component Singapore may be credited to the recent tendencies, such as job growth, low vacancy rates, as well as a substantial decrease in flat supply of the region., Singapore is the sole metropolitan area in the Asia where the supply of flats is rapidly diminishing. The truth that a sizable section of Singapore flats are being converted into Singapore condominiums quicker than new ones are being built., may cause vacancy rates here to become even lower, and may lead to a further increase in demand for condominiums. Another variable that further reinforces the condo market of the region, is the amount of investors which can be purchasing condominiums, both converted and natural, a number of that may end up reappearing back onto the neighborhood rental market shortly. [...]

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