Best Animation Program

As a kid I tried my hand at animation using a Super 8mm film camera. I left several plasticine models, got a couple tripod-mounted lights from daddy's college and set up shop in his garage. Wow. Exactly what a painstaking procedure! 3 months after I had 1 minute of shaky juddery stop-motion cartoon. However, I was hooked. For me as a child the kings of cartoon were British TV animator Oliver Postgate (who made a great stop movement like Bag puss and Ivor the motor) and Ray Harryhausen who spent his career making stop motion dinosaurs and creatures in classics like Sinbad along with also the eye of the tiger. Now of course, I see videos like Avatar and Pixar films and need to make visuals just enjoy that. I wish!
Since my first efforts to reestablish all those years ago, I have tried my hand at animation using more contemporary methods - i.e. a pc and 3d animated video maker. My first experiences weren't that much different in my initial efforts with a super 8mm film camera. Basically not too good! The problem I'd originally was that I bought a fairly pricey bit of software which has been actually a league over my comprehension. It was not the best animation software on the planet but it also was not the worst. The difficulty was it did not have the tutorials which an amateur like me actually desired in the very first phases of what's really a steep learning curve. I persevered but produced small improvement then got somewhat bored. Terrible beginning. However, I did not stop trying. I actually did not have any success until this past year when I eventually bought the best 3D animated video maker that I have owned since consuming this fantastic pastime. The product that I ended up with wasn't only excellent concerning cost but also gave me the basic tools for creating cartoons of relatively large quality. What it demonstrated to me was that occasionally it is ideal to begin cheap and just and learn the tips and methods before diving right in with something overly high tech. Now I have learnt a whole lot I am thinking of moving onto a different 3d animation program product and taking items to another level. The very best thing I ever did however was beginning using a cheap but cheerful product first.