Door – the welcome note of every venue

If someone has got enough time to observe around in their surroundings, who stands at first to welcome them wherever they reach or arrive, they may start noticing much doubtfully that it is not a person ready to welcome them, but a door to welcome them. The first welcome note can be observed when gates or doors are opened up to welcome the guest. Therefore, it is the virtual note of welcome from the non-living commodity at the entrance of every house or building. Then the doors are again closed and again opened up to welcome another guest.
But who are responsible to erect a gate or door in front of any building? Surely the owner and his choice is responsible for the same. But he cannot produce the gates and doors on their own, rather they would assign the task of installing a gate on front of a building to a specialist involved in the same task. The concept of outsourcing keeps decreasing the costs of arranging for the setup of a product whose production line does not match with ours. Thus the door makers are called up for better convenience of the customer and asked to install a gate of personal liking.
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