How to Get Norton Antivirus

It likely came using a CD that automatically installed a program called Norton Antivirus when you bought your new computer. While the software does work efficiently at protecting your Computer from dangerous viruses (that could cause irreversible harm to your hard drive/system), many specialists in the area of antivirus and spyware appear to urge other applications that may do a much better job.
Actually, just recently after I had been seeking information on the best way to install Norton Activation, some tips that were fascinating were posted in newsgroups that I am going to give you below: Taking Up Too Much Of Your Computers Resources When you look up on the best way to contact Norton antivirus Symantec's website, you won't locate any exact information how much of your computers resources will likely be utilized when running this program, just a typical approximation. Technology specialists have concluded that Norton may be somewhat of a "resource hog" in terms of running at full speed. What this means is that when the software is running you'll see an important fall in how your computer performs. Tend Not To Anticipate Refunds On Opened Applications In The Shop I really purchased the Norton Activation in an local electronics store, after I first began using my computer. In the time it was the sole software that I'd understood about to help protect my PC. It was comparatively cheap and it had been described quite extensively when I found out how to contact Norton antivirus, although I didn't actually comprehend the extent of computer security.