Some interesting Facts about Football You Should Know

There are some important facts you should know about Football (fussball), whether in terms of the history, happenings in the past and some other events, which had occurred that a lot of people are not aware about. Hence, this article will definitely unveil all these facts and important information that you might have not gotten on most Football blog (fußball blog) or heard from most Football news (fußball news) in the past.
The first thing is that Football originated around 476 in china which is now the most played and most watched sport on the surface of the earth. Without any doubt, football (fußball) has been and still remains the most popular or famous sport across the whole universe. According to many researches and statistics, which sport analysts and researchers have conducted overtime, more than one billions fans watch the bundesliga fußball (World Championship Football) on the television. Another fact is that the largest Football (fussball), tournament witnessed nothing less than five thousand and thirty-nine teams.

 They competed in the year 1999 particularly for the second Bangkok, which was Seven-a-Side competition, and over three thousand five hundred players actively participated. According to the record, the maximum numbers of goals that have scored by only one player in a single match was sixteen. This was scored by French player called Stephan Stanis in December 1942 when he was playing at Racing Club de Lens. Also, based on video evidence, the fastest goal in a particular game was scored by an Uruguay player called Ricardo Olivera in December 1998. Overtime, the Football goalies have been wearing the same colored shirts as their teammate until 1913 when the rule was changed and started wearing different colored jersey. On the Football field especially World Championship Football (fussball bundesliga) players run on average of about 9.65km when playing a match. You also know that European Teams have consistently reached every World Cup final, apart from finals of 1930 and even 1950.