Some top popular rapper celebrities of the world

There are many popular rapper singers in the world. They have made the large number of followers by the great singing skills. Here are some exemplary rapper singers. Get more about the celebs from the link
• BABY BASH- Baby bash is one of the top richest rapper of the world. He was born on 18 October in the year 1975. His birth place was Vallejo in California in the United States. He is a singer, songwriter and rapper. Also he is an actor too. His real name is Ronnie ray Bryant. He is Mexican American rapper. He performs under the name as Baby Bash. His first album was Tha Cool which was followed by another album Tha Smokin Nephew. His net worth is $ 12 Million. He is really an outstanding rapper who with his great singing skills have made number of followers. • DAMIAN MARLEY- He is another best rapper singer who with the sweet voice has made the people to dance on his rapper songs. Damian was born on July 21 in year 1978.

His birth place is Kingston in Jamaica. His profession is being Rapper but also having other skills like Musician, artist and a music artist. He has been performing since he was 13 years old. He is son of Bob Marley. But his father died soon. His net worth is $ 20 million. • SHYNE- Moses Michael Levi is known by another name Shyne. He is a Belizean rapper singer. He moved from Belize to Brooklyn. He was actually best known for Bad Boy Records. But an unfortunate incident of shooting in the 1999 has leaded him to get in the prison for about nine years and was released from the prison in the year 2009. He soon then did hard work and earned popularity and good image in the world of rapper singing. He earned the net worth of about $ 2 Million. These were some top rappers of the world. To get more about the rappers you can visit to link click here to get more information