'Supernatural' – The Most Popular TV Shows

Network TV ratings are sinking in the way of a rock. Having a couple of noteworthy exceptions (Scandal is knocking it out of the park), most "popular" TV shows are doing worse than they were last year.
TV reviews talk about just what a blessing it is that shows like The Good Wife and Hannibal get revived in spite of their falling standings. However, how about Glee? In the last season, its ratings fell under 50 by 45 percent among mature audience. Also, the formerly undefeatable NCIS franchise is hemorrhaging Person of Interest and audience, as well as other offense convention shows like Elementary. Vulture has a complete graph of the primetime network TV ratings of last season, and things actually do not good. Good Standings are to be anticipated from household names like Law & Order: SVU and Grey's Anatomy. But among the handful of shows which are really doing nicely, there's one show that instantly stands out: Supernatural tv show. In the perod of its ninth season, the mature crowd of Supernatural grew by 27 percent.

This can be second only to the increase found a show that is highly publicised, by Scandal by star producer Shonda Rhimes. Actually, Supernatural just does not feel like something that should be doing this nicely. And yet. This season, Supernatural was revived for its tenth season. Needless to say, Smallville managed 10 playing to the same crowd on the CW. But that was several years ahead of the recent total decline in TV viewership, and Smallville consistently profited from your brand recognition of Superman. Supernatural tv show, on the flip side, has never had the wide-ranging appeal of America's most well-known superhero. On the contrary, it's given us nearly the full decade of Dean and Sam Winchester driving around Vancouver woods killing devils masquerading as Middle America and angsting over a neverending roll of female characters that were interchangeable condemned.