The category of fans that Doctor Who has

People of all ages have been found to fall in love with Doctor Who, cases of parents telling their children o when they watched Doctor Who in their days, parents have favorite doctor that is now quite different from the favorite doctor of their kids. Till now, you will still find fans of the Doctor who that are still telling others about their favorite doctor. Fans have taken it up to the point that they have incorporated the action of going to the locations where the doctor who movie was filmed and seeing for themselves how the events unfolded. There has never been a time, when the movie Doctor Who went old. Even the Doctor Who DVD is still very much sold this day, even if it is the dubbed version. Owners of the places the movie was shot have now made it a source of income as they can now charge people for coming to see how the movie was filmed there. It was observed that till date, there has never been a time when a single movie caught the attention of viewers from almost every age, Doctor Who did that.
There have been complains now by people that they really want a particular doctor to come back and act in the place of another. One thing that has been discovered is that even the young want to watch the William Hartnel episodes as the doctor, because of the stories they have been told about him by either their parents or their ward. Some people think that the production of Doctor who has stopped since Doctor Who 2005, but no! It has not. It has been discovered that people and other business owners have gone into the production of all kinds of things used by the doctors in Doctor Who movie, and they have been making a lot of money from that.