Things you need to get connected to a social wifi

The first and foremost thing that most people want to do when they buy a new work place or the new computer is to get on the wireless network to access the internet or to share documents or files with other devices on the same network. Connecting to the wireless network or social wifi is pretty straight forward. But there is the slight difference among various operating systems. So this tutorial will easily help you set up your computer to get connected to access point or wireless router. But before you get started, there are certain things that you’ll need:
• A wireless adapter for your PC or laptop but this thing is nowadays available in every laptop. But if you do not have built-in or you need to upgrade your computer or laptop for faster social wifi then can easily purchase a wireless adapter to get connected to the free wifi connection. • Another thing that you should do makes sure that you have the firewall installed as well as the latest anti-virus updates with operating system patches. This is especially needed when you are connecting to a public wifi or hotspot. If you do not know these things that it can easily damage your laptop and will pass your private details to every person connected to the social wifi.
• Now if the network is secured with a username and password or administrators have hidden the network name or password from being broadcast, then in this situation, it is very much necessary for you to find out the password to get connected. If you have found the password, first you have found the network icon available on your computer or not. On window laptop, you will find this icon on the right side of your laptop screen you just need to connect yourself to the available network to enjoy the best speed of wireless social wifi internet connection.