Why companies should create quality assurance leadership teams

Building an effective Call Quality Assurance program is generally a repetitive process. In order to ensure that the program is successful, the process requires the support of senior management, in addition to in-depth planning, buy-in from different levels of call center staff and input. This is why it is recommended that when building a quality assurance program, companies should consider creating a leadership team that will oversee the program. This leadership team should have representation from all constituents of the call center department and can include trainers, managers, supervisors, and call center agents. It is also a good idea to involve other departments in the building of this team such as sales and marketing departments.
This leadership team can be led by head of the Call Center QA or director of the call center. This is recommended because it will offer a productive way of keeping the head of the call center more engaged in the quality assurance program. One reason why creating this team is important is because the team can be tasked with addressing enterprise business and contact center process opportunities that are identified during quality monitoring processes. The team will have to work together in order to change various business processes which may be upsetting customers. Another important task this team should work on is rewards and recognition. In other words, the team should be able to recognize and reward the top performers because this is essential in the success of the Call QA program. Although it is important that call center agents should render outstanding performance since this is what they are paid to do, recognizing agents after doing good work encourages them to continue with the good work. It also motivates other departments in the company to strive to be recognized as well. The importance of rewards is that they do not have to be big. They can simply include such things as parking spots, gift cards and movie tickets. click here for more information about Call Center QA